Julianne Ragland

Extending Timber for Events Calendar Pro events

June 24, 2019

We recently started using the plugin Timber at work. Among other things, it brings an object-oriented feel to WordPress by letting you extend its classes. For example, I extended the Timber\Post object so I could access Events Calendar Pro functions in my template files.

class JBREvent extends Timber\Post {

	public function start_date() {
		$start_date = tribe_get_start_date( $this->ID, false, 'M j, Y' );

		return $start_date;

	public function start_time() {
		$start_time = tribe_get_start_date( $this->ID, false, 'g:i a' );

		return $start_time;

	public function end_time() {
		$end_time = tribe_get_end_date( $this->ID, false, 'g:i a' );

		return $end_time;


Timber’s documentation has more on this, including some info on internal caching for production sites.

Julianne Ragland

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